Innovation. Agility. Safety.

Landmine and IED Rollers

The safest, most customizable, and cost effective landmine & IED rollers for route proving, vehicle protection, proofing, and survey:

  • Increased safety and accuracy through consistent ground coverage
  • Quick assembly and breakdown to optimize logistics footprint
  • Built on extensive product testing and real world fielding
  • Custom configured for specific user mission requirements
  • Simple repairs and maintenance with modular design

HRI has 4 distinct roller models: 

Basic Route
Clearance Roller

  • Heavyweight design tuned to trigger anti-tank mines
  • Used with wheeled for tracked vehicles with single point attachment hitch
  • Welded steel asymmetrical swing arm and box tube construction

Advanced Route Clearance Roller

  • Ideal for missions requiring higher op-tempo
  • Optional steering with hydraulic cylinders to improve turning radius
  • Welded steel asymmetrical swing arm and box tube construction

Dismounted Protection  

  • Low weight and limited track width for use with small robotic prime movers
  • Personnel protection roller intended for dismounted troop missions
  • Highly mobile and easy to transport


  • Ideal for technical survey, proofing and confidence building
  • Innovative / patented paddle-wheel design transfers high detonating load to the ground
  • Geared for small pressure-plates associated with difficult to activate mines


Download Product specs for the HRI family of rollers (pdf)

Download Advanced Route Clearance Roller Brochure (pdf)