Route Clearance Roller – Basic

Vehicle Protection and Route Verification

The Basic Route Clearance Roller was designed as a heavy weight roller capable of hitting anti-tank targets in a route clearance and vehicle protection mission. The roller utilizes similar construction techniques pioneered from earlier Area Clearance Roller designs which allow for easy maintenance and simple assembly. As with all HRI rollers, the Basic Route Clearance Roller is able to be tuned to target specific threats. By adding or removing small ballast plates, the roller can target light weight trigger IEDs or larger Anti-Tank mines.

Basic Route Clearance Roller Features

  • Increased safety through consistent ground coverage and terrain mapping
  • Modular Design minimizes down time for simple repairs and routine maintenance using COTS parts
  • Simplicity of design lowers total cost of ownership
  • Quick assembly and breakdown to reduce logistics requirement
  • Utilizes HRI common swing arm which has been thoroughly analyzed, tested in real world environments, and fielded
  • Heavyweight design tuned to trigger Anti-Tank mines
  • Universal single mounting point for use with wheeled or tracked vehicles