Dismounted Protection Roller

Dismounted Personnel Protection

As with all HRI rollers, the Dismounted Protection Roller is able to be tuned to target specific threats and host vehicles. By adding or removing small ballast plates, the roller can meet a variety of trigger thresholds. By varying the number of swing arms, the roller can accommodate different prime movers. Each HRI roller is custom configured for specific user mission requirements, while simplifying maintenance and reducing costs.

The Dismounted Protection Roller evolved from previous HRI efforts in the mine clearance field to increase accuracy of rollers through consistent ground coverage, maneuverability and leverage more common prime movers. Built to protect dismounted personnel, the roller is small and light weight. The ground force achieved is best suited to Anti-Personnel mines and light trigger IEDs, although ground force can be adjusted.

Dismounted Protection Roller Features

  • Low weight, highly mobile and easy to transport with limited track width for use with small robotic movers
  • Personnel protection roller intended for dismounted troop missions
  • Increased safety through consistent ground coverage and terrain mapping
  • Modular Design minimized down time for simple repairs and routine maintenance using COTS parts
  • Simplicity of design lowers total cost of ownership
  • Quick assembly and breakdown to minimize logistics requirements
  • Utilizes HRI common swing arm which has been thoroughly analyzed, tested in real world environments and fielded