Wireless Emergency Stop

Wireless E-Stop from HRI

Accidents happen.  When they happen in the workplace there can be disastrous consequences.  Expensive property damage, serious injuries or even death can occur.  According to the 2012 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) report – 16% of fatal workplace injuries were by contact with objects and equipment. The best way to mitigate accidents is to stop them from happening.

The Wireless Emergency Stop from HRI is a tool to help companies avoid unsafe and unproductive situations by enabling anyone to intervene in the operation of a machine, from wherever they are. A wireless E-Stop in the palm of your hand means that problems can be stopped faster and more reliably than if a team member had to run to a fixed E-Stop, or if no E-Stop were accessible.

Wireless E-Stop Configuration

HRI’s Wireless E-Stop is extremely rugged and highly ergonomic, so it can be easily carried wherever you go.

It utilizes HRI’s SafetySense® protocol to create a high reliability wireless connection with the machine, which means your Stop command is always going to be heard.

SafetySense® is specifically geared toward reliable Emergency stopping, and involves HRI’s proprietary two-way protocol, and multiple layers of hardware and software to continuously monitor the health of the wireless link.

The receiver provides dual E-Stop outputs, and therefore meets ISO 13849 Category 3, Performance Level d.

This Wireless E-Stop can be easily wired into your existing E-Stop network of fixed E-Stops. It makes your existing safety measures all the more effective.

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Wireless Emergency Stop Features

  • Provide Long-range emergency stop capabilities to existing systems
  • Easily extend your current Emergency Stop System
  • Monitoring via USB, CAN or serial interface
  • Redundant monitoring hardware ensures no single point of failure
  • IP66 enclosure takes harsh conditions
  • Dual E-Stop Input and Output loops
  • Designed to meet ISO 13849 PLd Cat 3
  • -10C to +60C operation
  • OEM Version available with board and radio only, no enclosure

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