Now Available: Multipoint Wireless E-Stopping

HRI is pleased to announce the newest addition to our line of safe wireless machine controls: Multipoint Wireless E-Stopping.

For years, our Wireless Emergency Stop has been providing convenience and peace of mind at worksites in a variety of industries, delivering instant machine shutdown when there’s no fixed e-stop nearby. Now, we’re taking this product to the next level with new multipoint functionality.

Instead of pairing one Wireless E-Stop with a single machine, you can now E-Stop one or more machines from one or more locations.

Our new multipoint technology opens up a world of possibilities for safety systems to fit any scenario–from mobile heavy equipment to autonomous systems and fixed industrial machinery

  • Multiple machines: Shut down multiple systems from one or more E-Stop locations.
  • Multiple E-Stops: Equip technicians with mobile E-Stop buttons for next level PPE, or mount E-Stops in multiple locations for permanent shared access.
  • Cohesive safety: Combine fixed and wireless E-Stops for seamless safety across all of your machine systems.

HRI is committed to developing innovative technology to provide safe mobility around dangerous machines. Find out more about how the Wireless E-Stop takes accident prevention to the next level here.