New Product Announcement – Wireless E-Stop


Greetings from Humanistic Robotics, (HRI) a technology company focused on the safe wireless control of machines and robots. We’re reaching out to tell you about an exciting new product – a Wireless Emergency Stopthat lets you stop any machine remotely and immediately from wherever you are.

Unlike fixed E-Stops, HRI’s Wireless E-Stop can go everywhere you go, and lets you intervene in dangerous or unproductive situations more immediately than you can with fixed E-Stops. It can be integrated easily into your existing fixed E-Stop architecture, is designed to meet ISO13849 Category 3 Performance Level D, and can be found on our website here:

This product complements our existing Safe Remote Control System, a full-featured handheld wireless controller that offers awesome ergonomics and industry-leading safety. It got a great write-up in Equipment World recently.

All HRI products include our SafetySense® communication protocol, which is designed to ensure that critical control messages – like emergency stop signals – always find their intended recipient.

In addition to these stock products, HRI can also support co-design wireless programs, whether it’s embedded control electronics, wireless communication links, emergency stopping architectures, or some combination of the above to assist a customer-led design effort.

Please let us know if you’d like more information, and we hope this finds you well.

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