New Product Announcement: SafeGrip Wireless Enabling Pendant

The Future of Machine Control is here.

And it’s Wireless

Image of HRI's SafeGrip Wireless Enabling PendantThe New Wireless Enabling Pendant from HRI.



Developed with input from a leading auto manufacturer, SafeGrip brings mobile HMI to a new level with the freedom of wireless. Discover the power of certified safety in a fully reliable wireless control system.



Hello from Humanistic Robotics, Inc. —  the American technology company dedicated to making the world safer with leading-edge engineering and design. We’re excited to let you know about the launch of our newest wireless machine control product.

SafeGrip is a wireless enabling pendant that features a three-position (or “dead man”) switch, an emergency stop, joystick and programmable buttons. The device pairs easily with on-machine SafetySense Access Points, making it possible to operate and adjust equipment without plugging in or lugging a cable. Optional location awareness makes the worksite safer by restricting wireless control to a designated “safe zone” of operation.

The pendant is the latest in HRI’s family of safety-focused wireless machine controls. Our product line also includes the Safe Remote Control System, Wireless E-Stop, and CAN-Sync Wireless CAN Bridge.


Built for Safety

At HRI, our business has always been about using technology to make people safer. With SafeGrip, we’re bringing the same level of forward-thinking safety we’ve used in mission-critical applications like landmine clearance into the world of machine operation.

All of our controls are built with patented SafetySense® technology for the safest, most dependable wireless link available. SafeGrip will also have TÜV certification of ISO 13849 Cat. 4 PLe (IEC 61508 SIL 3,) so you can trust that workers stay safe while business keeps moving.

Wireless HMI + Certified Safety = Boundless Potential