New Product Announcement: CAN-Sync Wireless CAN Bridge

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Greetings from Humanistic Robotics, (HRI) a company focused on making the world safer with technology. As you may know, our robotics division focuses on safe wireless machine control for mobile off-highway equipment, robots, and industrial equipment, and we’re reaching out to tell you about an exciting new product – our CAN-Sync Wireless CAN Bridge. We have been shipping this product for a few months now with great results, and we’re excited to formally announce its public launch.

The CAN-Sync Wireless CAN Bridge allows the user to transmit CAN data wirelessly over a transparent point-to-point bridge, without modifying the data. Read more about it on the CAN-Sync Wireless Can Bus Bridge product page

You might want to do this if you have two machines in different locations that need to communicate with each other to do their task, or if wired connections are frequently damaged or just too expensive or impractical. It’s also easier to move and reconfigure machines if they’re communicating over wireless, which saves time and money.

The CAN-Sync supports any CAN bus standard, such as J1939 or CAN Open, and is capable of achieving several miles of range in the right conditions. It also has dual Emergency Stop inputs and outputs, meaning fixed E-Stops can be wired into the system, and dual E-Stop outputs can be enabled on either end of the bridge.

As with all HRI wireless machine control products, the CAN-Sync includes our SafetySense® communication protocol, which is designed to ensure that critical control messages – like emergency stop signals – always find their intended recipient. SafetySense® combines frequency hopping radio technology with our proprietary wireless protocol to achieve a highly reliable wireless signal.

This product complements HRI’s existing family of wireless control products such as our Safe Remote Control System (SRCS) and our Wireless Emergency Stop, both of which offer awesome ergonomics and industry-leading safety. The SRCS got great writeups in Equipment World and Gizmodo.

In addition to these stock products, HRI can also support co-design wireless programs, whether it’s embedded control electronics, wireless communication links, emergency stopping architectures, custom handheld controllers, or some combination of the above to assist a customer-led design effort.

Please let us know if you’d like more information, and we hope this finds you well.

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