Custom Wireless Solutions

Custom Industrial Control Systems

HRI specializes in safe wireless control solutions for Mobile Off-Highway, Robotic, and Industrial Machinery. We offer stock products as well as custom and semi-custom controls for a wide variety of demanding applications.

Wireless Solutions for Any Application

HRI can engineer a custom SafetySense® package tailored to your machine system and industry requirements. We leverage our well-tested existing technologies to make customization fast and affordable, even for a small number of units.

  • Custom configurations for user inputs

    Multiple configurations available to match your control requirements.

  • Ergonomic design options

    Lightweight, durable units are easy to use for long periods of time.

  • Range and performance

    Optimized for your work environment, spectrum and power constraints.

  • Safety features to meet certification

    Our expertise in safety applied to your requirements.

  • SafetySense┬« technology

    Our proprietary protocol built for dependable wireless communication.

Industries We Serve

  • Custom Wireless Controls for Construction
  • Custom Wireless Controls for Material Handling
  • Custom Wireless Controls for Manufacturing
  • Custom Wireless Controls for Agriculture
  • Custom Wireless Controls for Forestry
  • Custom Wireless Controls for Specialty Robotics
  • Custom Wireless Controls for Railroad

Put the Best in Wireless to Work for You

Contact HRI and find out how to make your business safer and more productive.

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All Machines are Going Wireless

HRI can help you make the transition smoothly and safely with custom controls for your machine system.

Why Go Wireless?
  • Eliminate the cost and hassle of wires
  • Use in tough locations where wired isn’t an option
  • Prevent injuries and operator fatigue
  • Operate dangerous equipment from a safe distance
  • Better visibility
  • Bring your operations into the future