CAN-Sync: Wireless CAN Bus Bridge

Safe Wireless Bridge for Machine to Machine Communication

For applications where wired connections are expensive, impractical, or impossible, The CAN-Sync Wireless CAN Bus Bridge provides a secure solution. Utilizing HRI’s SafetySense® technology, the CAN-Sync gives system designers a safe and reliable link between two CAN interfaces. Providing both a wireless CAN link as well as safety outputs that ensure the system is rendered safe if communications are ever lost or interrupted, the CAN-Sync goes well beyond any other wireless industrial link on the market.

CAN-Sync: Wireless CAN Bus Bridge Features

  • E-Stop Bridging: Wirelessly connect multiple fixed or mobile E-Stop circuits
  • Multi-point E-Stopping: Stop multiple systems simultaneously
  • Data Bridging: Create a wireless link between any two CAN networks
  • Long Range: up to 2+ km (line of sight)
  • Reliability: Hardware-based SafetySense® implementation for high reliability, no single point of failure safety implementation
  • Supports any CAN bus standard including CANOpen and J1939
  • Link CAN networks with different bitrates
  • Configuration and monitoring via USB or serial interface
  • Differential wired emergency stop input
  • Designed to meet ISO 13849 PLd Cat 3 with active emergency stop and dual processing paths
  • Dual Master enable output for direct stop of motion control equipment
  • 8 to 28 VDC power input
  • IP66 (NEMA 4X) rated enclosure
  • -40C to +85C operation
  • OEM Version available with board and radio only (no enclosure or cabling)
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